Wednesday, November 30


6 am. The sun's not up yet. But I've got to get my fix ready. I have Adcommers coming over tomorrow and today is dessert day! So I make my tried and tested Southern's Devil's Food Cupcakes. Yummers! 

I own one muffin pan. One single muffin pan. Holds 6. Each cuppie takes 16 minutes in the oven and 7 to cool. And I made 28. You do the math.

This post is really for the pictures. The cuppies are topped with plain Swiss Meringue Buttercream. And those are tempered chocolate, piped.

I fancy piped chocolate, do you? :"> 

 Banyan's fix. 

I love this picture!



  1. osaaaaaaaaaaaaamness :)))) hi my master chef

  2. I love you. I love Banyan. I love the Master. I love cuppies. Puawananga xoxo